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Gillette USBC Bowling Association is a 21 member committee governed by youths and adults involved with the local sport of bowling.


Our mission is to provide services, resources and standards for the sport; we will protect and nurture the sport with a mutual admiration and respect for all who enjoy bowling while upholding the integrity of the game and providing the competitive bowling experience for those who are passionate about the sport and to make bowling fair and fun for everyone.


Our goals are to promote the game, teach the rules of bowling, and observe achievements through league and tournament, competitiveness through tournaments and awarding our youth with bowling scholarships, to have pride for our youth, women and men bowling achievements throughout the year and to present these outstanding awards during our Annual Bowling Banquet, allow our youth, women, and men  the chance to interact with all bowler throughout the year with different combination tournaments, and  to provide standardized rules and regulations.

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